Motorhome Information

This motorhome information is provided by El Monte RV, our preferred supplier. Their vehicles are fully equipped with all the upmarket features found on North American motorhomes. KTC Travel Group has access to several other motorhome rental companies for our escorted tours and at times we may use other supplier’s vehicles. While there are differences between companies the basic layouts are all very similar. However, please be aware the motorhome you get may not be exactly the same as shown.

If you are not familiar with North American motor homes please phone and discuss your requirements with us – we are here to help.



The 25ft motorhome is the base model quoted in the tour price list.

With this model the main double bed is located in one corner of the van with a wall on three and a half sides,  this can make access a little difficult. It can however, be left made up during the day, as it is a separate sleeping area. The toilet and shower are in a reasonable sized separate room, which takes up the other corner. The kitchen dinette is reasonably spacious and will easily accommodate four adults for dinner.

As with all class C vans, they are a breeze to drive with auto transmission, cruise control and power steering.



This van sleeps up to 4 adults and 2 children. The main bed is permanent, in a separate sleeping area and is accessible from two sides. This model has a separate toilet and separate bathroom.


Petrol V10 Engines  * Auto – Power Steer * Air-Conditioning *Gas Furnace *  Hot Water Shower * Flushing Toilet * Waste Tanks * Large Fridge Freezer * Stove & Microwave.

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